Fitted Halogen Down Lights

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Product Description

We can add down lighters to any fire surround as an optional upgrade. They make a surround look warm and cosy even when the fire is turned off! 

We have two types of down lights, Halogen and LED so please order carefully, also make sure you order these when buying your fire as they are a manufacturer fit only.

The Halogen kit includes 2 x 50mm lights and the LED has 3 x 20mm lights, both have an under shelf switch.

The advantages of LED lights are that they are low powered and can be used when you require a larger than 1 inch rebate, they are also more subtle.

The advantage of Halogen lights is that they are a warmer and brighter light, but we have to fix the rebate is fixed at 1 inch.

These lights are the Halogen Version

All the lights have a 3 meter length of wire that runs down the inside leg of the surround with a moulded plug on the end. 

The wire can run down either leg but as standard is pinned to the inside left hand leg as you look at the surround. This can be easily altered by the customer, or if you mention in the comments box at the checkout we can run the wire down the right hand leg.

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