Kendal Cast Fascia

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  • Kendal Cast Fascia
    Kendal Cast Fascia
  • Kendal Cast Fascia
    Kendal Cast Fascia
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The Kendal is an attractive cast iron fascia with a standard fireplace opening allowing it to be used with a wide range of gas, electric or solid fuel inserts. The Kendal has an industry standard 16.5'' wide x 22.5'' high hole opening.

Available polished or matt black this casting is a great alternative to granite or marble back panels when using an inset fire.

The Kendal is available in two finishes, highlight polished and matt black, the image shown is the highlight polished version.


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Casting Dimensions
A 945mm
B 950mm
C 770mm
D 837mm
E 76mm
G - Chamber Height -
F - Chamber Width -
H - Chamber Depth -
Required Chamber Dimensions

The required chamber size is the minimum opening required to house a casting, excluding the rebate (E).

Castings can be used with solid fuel fires, there are also electric and gas fire inserts available. Visit our Gas and Electric Fires section.

Hearth Dimensions
Hearth only

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E 48", 54" or 60"
F 2"
G 15" or 18"
Boxed or Lipped Hearths
Hearth only boxed
Boxed hearth
Hearth only lipped
Lipped hearth

All granite and Marble hearths come lipped, for an extra charge we can make them boxed.

Veneered hearths come boxed but can be lipped for a small extra charge.

Hearth Footprint

We would always suggest that you take delivery of your hearth before cutting your carpet. The sizes given are for the top of your hearth, the footprint is usually around 0.5" on both sides and front.

Bespoke Sizes

We can alter the size of your hearth, in both width and depth. Please call us for a quotation.