How to work out your bespoke surround sizes

Friendly Note :)

The following information is only for those people that want to work out the sizes themselves. We do this every day and understand that it can be confusing, so please if you are at all concerned about your sizes and would like some help don't read anymore, just call us on 01422 250 723 and speak to one of our friendly team.

On every product page there is a dimensions tab, click on this tab and all the sizes are listed alongside a diagram showing you what the letters refer to:

wood fire surround diagram (Length of the shelf)
B (height of surround)
C (Inside leg to inside leg)
D (Inside hole height)
E (Outside leg to outside leg)
F (Shelf depth)
LD (Leg depth)

If you would like to keep your bespoke fire surround in proportion to the standard fire surround then if you increase 'A'  you would also increase 'C' and 'E' by the same amount. Equally, if you increase 'B' then you would also increase 'D'.

Note: A,C & E are all widths; B & D are heights

For example, you like the Ascari fire surround but your existing surround is smaller and fits between your skirting boards.
The size of the gap in your skirting board is 50'' so you need to make the surround width smaller, you would also like it to match the height of your existing surround which is 44''

  Standard Sizes Bespoke Sizes Change
A 54'' 52'' -2''
B 45.75'' 44'' -1.75''
C 36'' 34'' -2''
D 36'' 34.25'' -1.75
E 52'' 50'' -2''
F 6.5'' 6.5'' No change
LD 5'' 5'' No change

As you can see A, C, and E all have changed by the same amount (2''). B and D have also changed by the same amount (1.75'')

You don't want to keep the proportions the same
On a standard Ascari the width of the legs are 8'', but as you have made the surround smaller you decide that you want to make the leg's and the fascia 1'' smaller as well, you do this by reducing one dimension more than the other

  Standard Sizes Bespoke Sizes Change
A 54'' 52'' -2''
B 45.75'' 44.75'' -1''
C 36'' 36'' No Change
D 36'' 36'' No Change
E 52'' 50'' -2''
F 6.5'' 6.5'' No change
LD 5'' 5'' No change

On the above example, we haven't changed the size of the hole (C & D) but because we have made B & E smaller we have made the fascia and each leg 1 inch narrower.

Maths Alert :(

If you want to work out the width of the legs then you take the inside leg to inside leg dimension (C) away from the outside leg to outside leg (E) dimension and then divide by 2. On the Ascari example above the leg widths would be...

Standard sizes the leg width
52 (E) - 36 (C) which equals 16. Divide this by 2 (as there are two legs) and you will see that the leg width is 8''

Bespoke Size leg width
50 (E) - 36 (C) which equals 14. Divide this by 2 (as there are two legs) and you will see that the leg width is 7''

We would usually advise that if you increase the width of the legs then you also increase the fascia depth
Typically we would look at the standard surround and the proportions between of the fascia and the leg width. We would then try and keep a similar proportion on the bespoke surround.

On some surrounds (like the California) there isn't a shelf, you will notice that the legs and the fascia are the same sizes, in these cases, we would always suggest that your dimensions do the same.

Of course, these are rough guidelines and we can alter the wooden mantel to suit you. This online service is unique to Fires and Surrounds and we have a team of people that are used to helping customers and adjusting fire surrounds to get the best look; please don't hesitate to call.

We are available to Call on 01422 250 723, 9 - 5 Monday to Friday.

* Width less than 60''; height less than 49''; no leg width greater than 8'' (please call if you require larger)
** No charge but bespoke terms and conditions.
*** No charge & no change to our standard Terms and Conditions.
**** Please see our Delivery Page to see excluded locations.
Full details of our bespoke Terms & Conditions can be found by clicking here (item 20)


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