Made to Measure Fireplace Surrounds

  • Dimensions

    Alter the size of any of our wooden fireplace surrounds. Any dimension can be altered individually (width, height, depth or hole opening)

    Increase rebates to fit fire surrounds to flat walls without openings.

    If you want it, we can probably do it.

  • Electric, Gas
    or Open Fires

    Our fire surrounds will fit work fine with most electric or gas fires without any changes. But if you have a HE gas fire (with a glass front), freestanding electric fire, stove or open fire then you will want to take advantage of our high heat upgrade to stop the surround getting damaged.

  • Wood

    We can build most of our fireplace surrounds in any of our wood choices or we can paint them any of our standard colours at no extra charge. We even have the option, unique to Fires and Surrounds, to paint them to any British Standard paint colour. If none of our options work for you then we can supply one of our wood finished surrounds unstained or a painted surrounds with a base coat only, ready for you to finish at home.

  • Support
    & Advice

    We can check that the fire surround you want fits with existing fires, back panels and hearths.

    If you have one important dimension, supply it to us and we'll work the rest. If you know what you want we will simply check your sizes to make sure everything looks alright.

    Our advice is free and we are here to help.

  • Charges
    & Delivery

    For most bespoke requests there is only a £85 charge.

    We cover most locations on mainland UK for FREE and generally deliver within 1 – 3 weeks.


Our standard fire surrounds are all different sizes

You may not need to use our Made to Measure service, although each style only comes in one size every fire surround is different and you may find one with the correct measurements for you. The dimensions of our fire surrounds can be found on every product page by scrolling down to the bottom and selecting the sizes tab

I want my fire surround to fit into a specific space

We do this all the time for customers, give us a call with your important dimension(s) and our team will work out everything else. We have created a quick guide on how changing one measurement alters all the others, for those who want to do it themselves, you can read this article by clicking HERE. Please remember though we are more than happy to do this for you.

But I want my surround painted bright pink!

Well, you're in luck!

We can paint your surround in any British standard colour. You can find British Standard colours in paint colour guides such as Crown or Macpherson. You can view the colours online by clicking HERE but we would advise not choosing a colour using a monitor, either get a paper swatch book or better still get a sample pot.

Once you have chosen your unique fireplace colour give us a call on 01422 250 723 and we will arrange this for you. This service can increase the delivery time slightly to around 4 weeks; we supply you with any excess paint to touch up, should you ever require it.

The one I love is the wrong size though

Don't worry, for only £85 we can alter the sizes of a standard fire surround to make it perfect for you. We can alter the height, width, depth, size of legs, almost anything.

If you wish you can enter your new dimensions on the product page and let us check them when we receive your order, don't worry we will never accept an order without checking and confirming all the new dimensions with you.

My sizes are bigger than your maximum bespoke sizes!

Our maximum sizes for a bespoke surround are a width of 60' (1524mm) and a height of 48' (1219mm). But if you do want something with larger, then call us and we will do our best to help you out.

But I'm not confident about working out my sizes

No problem, Just call us on 01422 250 723 (Mon - Fri: 9 am to 5 pm), and we will work out the best sizes to suit your room. Our team has been working with customers for over 12 years designing and building bespoke fire surrounds, we can give you great advice and ensure that your firesurround surround fits your fireplace perfectly.

I want to use my fire surround with a Stove, Open or HE (glass fronted) fire

Standard surrounds from any supplier are not suitable for high heat uses. We can upgrade virtually all our surrounds to withstand the extra heat and guarantee them not to warp or peal if they are fitted correctly to manufactures specifications. Click HERE to find out more.

I just want my rebate changing

The rebate is the distance from a flat wall to the face of your back panel. As standard, our fire surrounds are supplied with a 1' rebate and rebate strips that can be removed to give you 3'. For most installations, this will be perfect, but sometimes you will require a different sized rebate.

If the rebate that you need is 3 inches or less then add a comment at the checkout, there is no extra charge for this alteration. We confirm everything by email on an invoice so you will see that we have picked up on your requirements you have requested.

If you require something larger than 3 inches then call us. If you are not sure what a rebate is then please click HERE for an explanation.

You have come to the right place

You have found the right company whether you require a standard or bespoke fire surround. Everything we sell is built to the highest standards, using only the very best materials.

Our Classic and Modern fire surrounds use only hardwood veneers allowing the uniqueness of real wood to shine through. Our solid Oak fire surrounds are built using kiln dried natural European Oak. Each fireplace surround has depth and quality that only can be found on crafted furniture and will last for many years. All our painted surrounds go through a four-stage painting process giving them a smooth blemish-free finish.

Nothing leaves our factory without being thoroughly checked, and every surround is delivered using our own team and driver; we give two hour delivery slots, and every surround is unpacked for inspection by our customers before we leave. And no matter what, unlike other retailers, no matter how much you beg, we will not use a courier service! Please don't mistake our products or services with other suppliers!

Please feel free to call us on 01422 250 723 to discuss any of your requirements, we are here to help.