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Fireplace Surround Buying Guide


Although buying a fireplace surround on-line may initially seem a bit daunting don't be put off. The advice we can give you is second to none, the savings are enormous, and our delivery is fast and made by our own delivery team. Of course, being online only you can't come and touch one of our fire surrounds, but more often than not this will be exactly the same on the high street.

Buying a fire surround isn't something that you will do every day, and so it's very likely that you will have some questions or concerns, to help you out there are some links below to articles that cover general queries.

Please don't hesitate to call or email us, we are here to help, and it is unlikely that you will be asking us a question that we haven't heard before.

Video Guides

Below are some links to our Video guides.

How to use a fireplace fitting kit

> How to measure a rebate


General articles

Have a click through the links below, and if you need any help, please don't hesitate to call 01422 250 723, Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm. If you want to send us an image of your existing fireplace to discuss specific requirements, then email them to [email protected].

How to fit a fireplace surround

Fitting a fire surround is quite straightforward witth our fitting kit. This is a simple step by step guide.

How to measure a rebate

Fireplace rebates are probably the most confusing part of buying a fire surround, with this article we explain what they are and how to find out what rebate you require. 

Fireplace Surround Buying Guide

You have probably already decided to buy a Fireplace surround, this article covers some of the basics to think about,.

Class 1 and Class 2 Chimney / Flue Types

If you are buying a gas fire you may be wondering the difference between Class1, Class 2 and Multi Flue fires. With this article we decribe which fire you require and how you can tell.

About High Heat Upgrades

We offer an option to make your surround suitable for stoves, open fires and HE gas fires. This article explanis what we do with a high heat upgrade and whether you need it.

How to work out bespoke fireplace surround sizes

Although we are more than happy to work out your bespoke sizes, this article explains how to work out the sizes and keep the fire surrounds proportions correct.

Fires and Surrounds Voucher Codes

With Fires and Surrounds you do not need to hunt around the internet trying to find dicount codes, we don't do them! All our prices are at the very best we can offer with the service that we provide. Click on the link to read more about Fires and Surrounds discount code policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions are regularly asked, with this page we answer the most common ones.


Help with colour

Wood colours change a great deal under different lighting conditions, so what looks good in a store will probably look completely different in your home under your different lighting. You won't have this problem with us, as we have a colour sample service for our customers to take advantage of, you can order as many colours as you want and your colour sample money is refunded when you order a fire surround.

Wood Colour Description Guide

Nothing can replace seeing the colour, but we have decribeded them here just to give you a start.

Order Wood Colour Samples

We send out colour samples on request, follow this link to our colour samples page.


Fitters for your Fireplace Surround

Although we supply fireplace surround hanging kits, and the surrounds are incredibly easy to install, you may wish to get a fitter to do the work for you. If you click on the following links, then you will find fitters for your specific requirements. Alternatively, any joiner or builder will be able to fit your fire surround.

Gas Safe Registered Fitters

If you are having a gas fire fitted or moved or a new back panel then you need to use a gas safe registered engineer. These fitters will be able to fit the hearth, back and surround. This link takes you to the gas safe registered site where you will find an installer close to you.

Open Fires or Stoves

If you are having a new stove or open fire then it must meet HETAS guidelines. This link will take you to their site and you will be able to find a local installer who will do the whole job for you.

Electric Fires and Fireplace Suites

Any electrical work should be done by an authorised electrician who will supply you with a Part P certificate. Although many electricians may be able to fit your entire surrounjd, you may also need to use a local joiner or builder.