Northwich Electric Suite £445.00

Transform your home with our stunning electric suite

  • GB Mantels Northwich in Brilliant White
    GB Mantels Northwich in Brilliant White
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    GB Mantels Nantwich in cloud
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    GB Mantels Nantwich in Mist
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    GB Mantels Nantwich in Olde England White
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Fire Surround Dimensions
A 46"
B 39"
F 6.5"
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Hearth Dimensions
L 48"
N 15"
Hole Dimensions
HW 16.5"
HD 22.5"

Rebate: 3 inches (can be altered, please call for info)

This Suite can be Made to Measure

The Northwich Electric Fireplace Suite

Discover the convenience of the Northwich complete fireplace suite. Effortlessly place it against a wall for instant installation. Our electric suites are designed with pre-fitted back panels and pre-drilled holes in the legs, ensuring easy fitting of the hearth. Simply add your preferred electric fire (not included) and enjoy a hassle-free experience. No mess, no fuss, just pure simplicity! Looking for a non-fire option? Let us know in the comments or contact us and we can provide the back panel without a fire hole opening. The Northwich features a stylish curved inlay in our new painted concrete colour, but we offer customization in various colours and finishes. Specify your desired colour in the comments field at checkout for a personalized touch.

The Northwich Electric Fireplace Suite includes

  • Wood Fire Surround 
  • Painted Back Panel 
  • Painted Hearth 
  • 3-inch rebate**
  • Fitting Brackets
  • 2 Year Warranty

**If you have a hole in your chimney breast to accept a fire, please add this to the comments at the checkout, and we will set the back panel with a rebate of 1''; otherwise, the back panel will be set with a rebate of  3''.  If you are not sure, then please don't hesitate to give us a call.

This electric fireplace surround can be made to measure to fit your room perfectly; you can also install downlights for added ambience.

If you don't want one of the fires offered on the page or want more information on the one shown, click Here to see our complete electric fire collection. If you want to add and use your own fire or purchase one elsewhere and want to check that everything will fit, please don't hesitate to Contact us.

The Northwich Electric Suite shown here is in various colours and has a concrete-finished inset curved inlay.

Why not add a mirror, if you order at the same time as the fire surround, we can make the size match perfectly for free.

All our Electric Fireplace Suites have a 2-Year Warranty - Click to find out more

Electric Fireplace Suites

Our electric suite fireplaces are designed to offer a hassle-free and elegant solution for homes in need of a quick and easy fireplace installation. The wood surround comes pre-fitted with a back panel and sits on a supplied hearth, providing a complete package that is ready to be installed. We even include a free fitting kit to make the installation process even more convenient.

These electric suite fireplaces are specifically designed for use with electric fires. The back panel hole adheres to the standard industry size, and with a 3'' rebate, most inset and slimline fires will fit seamlessly. However, if you have any doubts or questions about compatibility, we are more than happy to assist you and provide guidance.

With our electric suites, the focus is on simplicity and ease of installation. You will have your new wood fireplace up and running quickly, allowing you to relax and enjoy the cosy ambience it creates.

Experience the convenience and beauty of our electric suite fireplaces, where installation is a breeze, and you can sit back and enjoy the warmth and aesthetic appeal without any fuss. Choose an electric fireplace suite for a hassle-free and stylish addition to your home.

Hearth Dimensions
Hearth only

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E 48", 54" or 60"
F 2"
G 15" or 18"
Boxed or Lipped Hearths
Hearth only boxed
Boxed hearth
Hearth only lipped
Lipped hearth

All granite and Marble hearths come lipped, for an extra charge we can make them boxed.

Veneered hearths come boxed but can be lipped for a small extra charge.

Hearth Footprint

We would always suggest that you take delivery of your hearth before cutting your carpet. The sizes given are for the top of your hearth, the footprint is usually around 0.5" on both sides and front.

Bespoke Sizes

We can alter the size of your hearth, in both width and depth. Please call us for a quotation.

Help buying your Fire Surround

Wooden Fire Surrounds are one of the most popular ways of enhancing a room and creating an ambience personal to each individual. Bought wisely, a Wood Fire Surround will last and give years of enjoyment.

We want to make purchasing a Fire Surround as simple as possible. We appreciate that although the savings are huge, it’s not the easiest product to buy online. Below are some links to video guides covering the most frequently asked questions.

Click here to visit our buyers guide for lots more advice. Please call 01422 250 723 if you need more information or help.

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