Queensbury Package £779.00

Package Includes - Surround, Hearth, Back Panel & Fire

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  • Salisbury Wood Fire Surround Package in Olde England White
    Salisbury Wood Fire Surround Package in Olde England White
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Fire Surround Dimensions
A 57"
B 47"
C 36"
D 36"
E 52"
F 7"
LD 4.5"
LW 8"
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Hearth Dimensions
L 54"
M 2"
N 15"

Rebate: 1 inch removable to 3 inches; click here to find out about rebates.

Measurement 'D': From the inside surround bottom to the top centre of the opening.

Click on the sizes (A-E): To see other surrounds with this dimension.

This Surround can be Made to Measure

The Queensbury Fireplace Package

Pictured with Black Granite Marble and finished in Olde England White, the majestic Queensbury fire surround adds style and beauty to any living room. Boasting an undeniable presence, the surround is completed with a subtle and yet eye-catching beading around the inside of the legs and on the underside of the shelf. The mantel width is a large 57" and its smooth painted finishes suit any marble colour and sits comfortably on a standard 54" marble set

This is a Complete Package Deal and includes the following

  • Queensbury Fire Surround
  • Premium Granite or Marble Hearth 54'' x 15''
  • Premium Granite or Marble Back Back Panel
  • Choice of Multi-Flue Gas Fire or Electric fire
  • Hidden Fitting Bracktes 
  • 2 Year Warranty
This package does not include the down lights however they can be added if required.
The saving is based on individually puchasing this fire surround, a hearth with back set and gas or electric fire on our website.
This package is available only in the swatches shown with a limited choice of hearth and back sets. If you require a more choices or would like to take advantage of our Made to Measure Service please see our standard Queensbury Fireplace Surround
All our Granite hearths and Backs are premium quality; we do not sell the lower quality dyed granite.

This surround is shown here in Olde England White the Napier Mirror complements this surround perfectly. 

All our Wood Fireplace Surrounds have a 2-Year Warranty - Click to find out more

Wood Fireplace Packages

We have selected some of the most popular options of our wood fire surrounds, hearths, back panels, electric fires, gas fires and created a range of packages. By keeping the colour range and options small, along with our most popular fires, we are able these packages cheaper and pass those savings onto our customers.

The package includes the Fire Surround, Hearth and Back panel, electric or gas fire and as with all our surrounds, a free fitting kit and two-year warranty.

Downlights are an option if you require them. However, this is the only bespoke choice that you can make; we can't make these surrounds 'Made to Measure.' and the complete package range is only available in the colours shown. If you require a bespoke size, a different colour or another fire, then please look at our standard wood fire surrounds.

You can find the standard fire surround by using the search bar at the top of the page.

All the surrounds are a real wood veneer or painted coated MDF unless the title states Solid Pine or Solid Oak. As we only use genuine hardwood veneer every wood fire surround is individual, this means the grain pattern and colour will always alter slightly from the pictures shown.

We do recommend you order some of our colour samples to ensure you are happy with the colour before ordering.

Every Wood fire surround on our website comes with a Two-Year Warranty.
Hearth & Back Dimensions
A 37" or 40"
B 37" or 40"
C 16.5"
D 22.5"
E 48", 54" or 60"
F 2"
G 15" or 18"
Hearth Footprint

We would always suggest that you take delivery of your hearth before cutting your carpet. The sizes given are for the top of your hearth, the footprint is usually around 0.5" on both sides and front.

Bespoke Sizes

We can alter the size of your hearth, in both width and depth. Please call us for a quotation.

Standard Sizes

The standard sizes for hearths are:

Wide 48", 54" or 60"
Deep 15" or 18"

The back panel standard sizes are:

37" x 37"
40" x 40"

If your require a hearth that is not an option on your chosen fire surround, please order from our Hearth & Backs section.

Help buying your Fire Surround

Wooden Fire Surrounds are one of the most popular ways of enhancing a room and creating an ambience personal to each individual. Bought wisely, a Wood Fire Surround will last and give years of enjoyment.

We want to make purchasing a Fire Surround as simple as possible. We appreciate that although the savings are huge, it’s not the easiest product to buy online. Below are some links to video guides covering the most frequently asked questions.

Click here to visit our buyers guide for lots more advice. Please call 01422 250 723 if you need more information or help.

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